The FédéGN – bringing people closer together

The French Federation of Role Playing Grandeur Nature (FédéGN) was founded with associations and players’ help. Our company’s board of directors is continuously working towards improving our services.

What is Grandeur Nature?

Grandeur Nature is a French term for a live action role-playing game. In English, it is known as LARP. This game includes the participants involved physically in their characters' actions. This game’s players have an aim – to represent as best as possible a fictional setting through the real world and still interact with each other.

This game may have some rules too, but they are predetermined by the players in advance. However, there are also game masters. These are the people in charge of the setting and rules. The events are organized to achieve educational or political goals.

The most exciting part is that these games take place involving a couple of players or thousands of them. They last several hours or up to a few days.

GN and Popular Education.

Popular Education is a relatively new concept as it has not an ordinary teacher with more than one student but people teaching and learning from each other. This is what our federation has been trying to do for years – teach and learn in a different environment.

We have tried to practice such experiences with various companies as a team-building exercise.

As this game is played internationally, we have collaborated with American, Spanish, and English companies over the years.

In France, we partnered with the National Institute of Youth and Popular Education (INJEP). They helped spread the idea and raised awareness among schools and communities in France. They even have a unique program for that – the European program "Youth in Action”.

In the USA we worked with SDL365ORG staff as a part of a training program. The program fought for better relations among workers. Based on the company’s comments it was an unusual way of spending time together among the company’s employees. You can always see their programs and activities on their Same Day Loans 365 website.

The Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores, SGAE) is a community including collecting society for composers, songwriters, and music publishers in Spain. All these artistic people helped build a better version of GN games. For further details check out their website.

Our federation offers you a wide variety of activities for your company and employees. Do not hesitate to try them out! You always support our activity if you like it.